Learning Outcomes

Relevance to Education

Language Your Way has a strong case of utilizing the power of games to create an impact in a student’s learning.

Personalized attention or individualized attention is hard to provide in a classroom setup where students outnumber teachers & educators. Language Your Way’s platform has the ability to provide individualised reports to parents and educators and showcasing areas where the student requires assistance.

Students that have used our platform are able to contextually recall vocabulary taught 3 times better than those students that have not used our platform in the same classroom.

Students that used our platform are able to recall vocabulary even 5 days later. This is achieved via the story telling and narrative elements of our platform.

Students that have used our platform are able to write the alphabet (using a pencil) with more confidence and accuracy compared to the kids that have not.

  • Educators / Preschools that use our backend reporting mentioned that the reporting has allowed them to address specific students’ needs which allows them to run their sessions better.
  • Educators observed that when the platform is used in class, students tend to learn collectively even assist other kids that find it difficult to write letters in game.
  • Educators have also mentioned that they believe our platform enhances the student’s cognitive skills development.
  • Parents mentioned that their child have become active learners and have not only picked up learning the alphabet and associated vocabulary but also songs & rhymes.
  • Parents have expressed that their child mentions our game characters and references the vocabulary taught when they encounter things during the day.
  • Parents also mentioned that their child tends to recall vocabulary taught in our platform better compared to the other platforms they use.