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Language Your Way

ABC Quest was conceptualised by Education Technology Start-Up Language You Way to create a unique and innovative way to learn. Language Your Way developed a platform that makes learning more fun and immersive via game- based learning. We want to build a world where everyone interacts with games in a positive way and make students global citizens.

Language Your Way is a Melbourne based Education Technology startup that makes learning fun through role playing adventure games. We specialize in transformational games, games that can benefit learners psychologically, educationally and more. Our educational games are not only aligned to international curriculum but also have capabilities to build resilience and expand children’s emotional intelligence. Our content has been created by world class educators that have excelled in a number of countries such as UK, New Zealand, Australia. A few of them sit on the board for Early Childhood Education in Australia and overseas.

Our latest game ABC Quest was independently assessed by educators from Finland and received acclaim for our pedagogical approach. ABC Quest teaches preschoolers about animals, the alphabet, vocabulary, tracing, pronunciations, phonetics, rhymes, songs, and emotional intelligence through story-telling. In other words, it teaches all the necessary skills that will give children a leg up in the school year.

Language Your Way has been fortunate to have won a number of awards such as Startup of the Year - 2018, Nanjing OCP Startup Contest, Chengdu Innovate, to name a few. The team has also raised 2 rounds of investment and have regularly been invited to attend Australian State and Federal government programs such as the Landing Pad.

How ABC Quest was conceptualised

Around 10 years ago, while in University in Australia, our Founder and CEO, Pawan Lalwani founded a language exchange program to bridge the gap between Australian students and International Chinese students.

During the program, Pawan realized that most Asian students that were born outside of Australia learned English using rote learning rather than developing an understanding of the language. He noted that although this method was effective, students found it boring and repetitive.

Further, it was noticed that when users would lean to apps or other interactive ways of learning, most applications available in the market either lacked educational structure/ pedagogical approach or forced gamification elements like points, badges etc. to motivate users to continue learning without factoring their learning journey and experience. These solutions lacked things like emotional intelligence as their focus appeared to be scattered.

Additionally while developing the app, we noted that the number of students in a classroom in Asia was found to be 2 to 3 times higher than that in Australia. This resulted in the lack of personalized attention per student. Solutions available in the market were all using a one size fits all model that categorically sorted the student based on whether the student was a smart, average or below average student rather than providing the user with a personalized learning path. This approach worked in part, but it lacked an adaptive learning element. In other words, it did not account for how the student learns and which content suits different students.

ABC Quest’s team worked with technology experts and data scientists to build the solution in a way to provide challenges to improve learning via artificial intelligence. The intuitive artificial intelligence engine feature revises the challenges specifically based on the user’s skills and adjusts itself so that if they need more focus on something particular, the program provides it while advancing to the next step for those that have mastered the material.

About the founder

Pawan Lalwani

(Founder and CEO)

Pawan Lalwani is the Founder and CEO of an Education Technology startup “Language Your Way” who are the creators of ABC Quest. The platform makes English language learning fun & immersive via game-based learning.

At Language Your Way, Pawan used lean methodologies and raised multiple rounds of investment from Australian and overseas investors. Pawan has been a guest speaker at a number of local and international events and has been featured by media outlets such as Startup Daily, Startup Smart, CCTV, Beijing Business Today, Shanghai Daily, TechNode (TechCrunch China) etc.

Pawan is a mentor at Deakin University’s SPARKS, Swinburne University’s Incubate and Moreland City Council program for entrepreneurs. Pawan assists startups with bootstrapping, marketing, strategic thinking, capital raising, new market entry and gamification.

In addition he is on the advisory board of a number of Start-ups and has invested in 5 startups till date.

Pawan is an innovative individual dedicated to creating a paradigm shift in the way people learn and work.